Media and the End of the World (The Podcast)

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Recently, Ralph Beliveau and I launched a podcast called Media and the End of the World. Podcasting is a medium I’ve wanted to delve into for awhile now and after a couple false starts trying to get one going, I’m really thankful Ralph asked me to join him in this endeavor.

The format is fairly simple: we do a weekly half hour podcast which covers the latest news of the media. The name of the podcast is a riff from the following:

We ought to see this moment—that of the end of the world as we know it, in which the Internet assumes its place in a new informational order—as one in which environment and anti-environment are colliding.

– Gordon Gow, Marshall McLuhan and the End of the World as We Know It

Of course, our take is tongue and cheek, and that’s what I like most about it. It’s fun to aesthetically tap into apocalyptic rhetoric as it walks the line between a close reality and incredible exaggeration. It’s also really fun to do it with Ralph, who is not only a really good friend, but who taught the very first course I took in Mass Communications and made Berger’s Ways of Seeing a required reading. As someone mentioned on my Facebook wall, Ralph was the instructor who made you question both what life and media even was.

As someone who likes the technical side of both audio and the web, this particular project is like a dream come true. The TV4OU station was kind enough to repurpose an unused soundboard and hooked it up so that anybody could fairly seamlessly record a three person podcast in one of Gaylord Hall’s audio booths. Per usual, I’m trying to find a cost-effective way of creating media. I’ve opted for Soundcloud as the host. Soundcloud gives you 180 free upload minutes a month, which comes out to 45 minutes per week. That’s just enough buffer space for our half hour format to slot in quite nicely. After that, I purchased on Hover for $12.99, hooked it into my current hosting space on OU Create, installed good ol’ WordPress, and submitted the Soundcloud RSS feeds to iTunes and Stitcher (I’ve got a request in to TuneIn as well, but they have yet to green light us).

We’ve got a handful of episodes up now, which makes me comfortable enough to start promoting it a bit. So, please take a listen and subscribe, be it on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher.

Adam Croom

Adam Croom

Assistant Professor and Director of Digital Learning at the University of Oklahoma

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