Becoming an Image Detective for @cogdog and @mdvfunes

Alan Levine is searching for a comic so Mariana Funes can properly attribute the comic on her Daily Stillness site. Me, personally, I just kind like putting my sleuthing skills to the test so I’m happy to go huntin’.

Alan tried using Google Image Reverse Search to recall the photo but didn’t uncover enough to merit an actual source. I took a different route and just started typing words into Google search. First, “Chasing Money Comic.”

Nope. Then I tried “Life Chasing Money Comic”

Still natta. Next was “Life life life money.” It seemed too simple, but I happened to land on this:

It’s the first result! Even more bizarre, “Life life life comic” doesn’t surface it. Crazy.

So the image I found is from Pinterest. My guess is that either Pinterest reads the words on an image and indexes those or the user had written it in the metadata. I honestly can’t figure it out as the Googe link doesn’t work.

The major difference was the version I found had a “Laughing Colours” logo and an artist signature, which I imagine someone had Photoshopped out by the time Mariana got ahold of it. Laughing Colours is sorta a meme-centric site. I didn’t figure I would find much there as those tend to be deep like Pinterest. So I tried to decipher the artist name in the lower right hand corner, which I guessed was “U+Kal Gaurab.” Put that into Google and found this image…

Which is a similar comic style, but has the name in print. Oh, it’s just “Utkaul Gaurab.” Silly me… I was getting too cute with the whole plus sign. Next, I search the artist’s name and find that he’s got a comic Facebook page:

I go to the Mobile Uploads album, scroll all the way down, and viola! There’s the original source.

I feel pretty confident that Utkal is the originator as his site has several similar styled comics and his Facebook site carries some authority with 11,000+ likes. Mystery solved.

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