Exporting from OU Create

In my Create Promise blog post a couple weeks back, one of the pieces I said we would follow up on was documentation on leaving OU Create, our domain of one’s own initiative.

To us, data portability is highly important. One of the bigger losses with institutional solutions is that students tend to lose access to them shortly after graduation. We want to make it clear that every piece of data from your domain, your CPanel, as well as the files and databases themselves, can be packed up and moved as you move. Additionally, Reclaim Hosting has made it “one-click” easy to simply transfer everything over to them allowing you to pay them directly. The good-and-wise John Stewart was helpful enough to write up some new documentation articles for us over on the OU Create docs:

We are also gearing up for end-of-year communication with students who will be graduating to make sure they are aware of all the options available to them. Last, we’re open to suggestions on any new documentation articles that anybody thinks would be of value!