A GIF-Powered Time Travel of the OU Campus

Last week I was inspired by a blog post from the OU Institute for Quality Communities, which leveraged Google Map’s new historical imagery street view feature and GIFs to show the growth of OKC over the last five years. I was curious to do the same for OU as well to see if Google Earth Streetview what ¬†snapshot of construction at OU since 2008 could be perused. A few neat findings:

1. Growth of the OU Research Campus




2. Addition of Sammy B to Heisman Park



3. New School of Social Work Building (Zarrow Hall) / Demo of Rhyne Hall




4. Finishing of Devon Energy Hall



5. Utility Plant Construction


There are a few key projects that unfortunately wasn’t recaptured by the Google Street View cars. Namely, the second phase addition of Gaylord Hall and the renovation of Gould Hall. There’s a good chance that Asp Ave. was blocked off due to construction when Google was making the rounds. It’s also very impressive how much better the camera quality is. The 2013 images are much clearer than the 2008 images.

One last thing I accidentally discovered perusing Google Maps was this collection of campus panoramic shots by Kevin Burns, a local photographer. He happened to capture the South Oval one rainy morning last Fall, right before the mums bloom for Homecoming:

Views: Sooner Spheres – 3 by Kevin C. Burns

You can check out some more of Kevin’s panoramic’s on this Google Maps | Views page which include inside the football stadium and the National Weather Center at night. This lead me down a¬†new rabbit hole of what does it take to be a “Google Trusted” photographer. Ya know, cause that would probably make a pretty cool business card.