Creating Application Templates in Installatron

If you’re a Domain of One’s Own campus on Reclaim Hosting, occasionally, you might want to create specific “custom” installs for specific courses or groups to give everyone a specific look or functionality.. Luckily, Installatron, the application installer Reclaim uses, makes this a really straightforward process–though it’s limited to applications that are under the Content Management category (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Omeka, etc.)

The first thing you’ll want to do is login to your WHM on your server and install that specific application in any location. Next customize it to exactly how you would like it to appear on a fresh installation. Say, for instance, you are working with WordPress. You can customize the theme, plugins, and even pages to your taste.

Once you’ve customized it, go back to Installatron and you’ll notice a star button next to the site. Click it!

Next file out the form fields that will give your template a title and description:

Now when someone goes to install that application they’ll see the template under the “version” portion of the application.

Installatron also allows you to activate/deactivate templates (check box below) as well as set the default installation (star below) in case you would rather have users get a template rather than a clean installation.