This was supposed to be my notes for Chapter 3. #HortonFreire

But it’s not and I’ll tell you why. The thing is I’m really good at distracting myself by making some type of resource, like a graphic or spreadsheet, to help me process. But what I’m really doing is just delaying the whole processing part.

The format of my first  (we officially have a hashtag) post was mostly commentary on everything I highlighted in Chapter 2, and, well, I highlighted much more in Chapter 3. So rather than sticking with that format, I decided to type out all of my highlighted quotes into a spreadsheet. My thought was that this might help me see themes and maybe I could share the resource with others as we tend to want to use the same quotes as it might saving others some typing time.

But I’ve learned a thing or two from hanging around ol’ Tom Woodward and Kin Lane. And that is that a spreadsheet is also a database. And that got me thinking that maybe there were people who wanted to participate in reacting to but didn’t want to commit to a full book (it’s a stretch I know). And MAYBE a random quote generator could be like a blog post prompt. So I took the spreadsheet data and converted it into JSON using an online tool nicely titled Mr. Data Converter. Then I found this code set on CodePen that is an HTML/CSS/JS framework for a random quote generator (very handy!). So I played with the formatting of the JSON a little bit so that I could easy insert quotes into the Javascript. And voilà!

It’s small, the number of use cases are slim-to-none, and the world would have probably done just fine without it. But it’s there. The page is live at The code is on Github if you want add quotes or fix my spelling errors (thanks Alan and John, for already doing so).

I guess that Chapter 3 post will have to wait until tomorrow…