Some Visual Thinkery

I’ve followed Bryan Mathers and his Visual Thinkery work from afar for a little bit. I honestly don’t know the first time that I ran across Bryan’s work but I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic and focus on open. In fact, I currently have two stickers on my laptop that he designed including one from Audrey Watters and Hack Education:

Bryan has also been integral in helping Jim Groom think through Reclaim Hosting as an independent record shop; part of which was reworking the Flaming Lips cover of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots cover for our OU Create project:

Yoshimi Create
So when I saw there was an opportunity to not only support Bryan but grab a collection of stickers, I was quite excited.  Special thanks to Alan Levine for bumping the crowdfunding project back up in my stream.

I supported his Visual Stickery Indiegogo at the £50 level today. I’m fairly used to supporting little art projects here and there (one of my favorite things to do is do an advanced search on Kickstarter by location and just fund local artists) and not receiving anything for months (or possibly at all). But apparently part of my package was my own custom drawing, which I wasn’t even aware of AND Bryan did in a matter of hours.

I immediately started to think about how I could put this image to good use. I’ve had a comic book caricature of myself I purchased for five bucks on Fiverr for a little bit and felt it was about time to stick something else there. I took Bryan’s pen drawing and quickly ran it through Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace tool to clean up the lines a bit.


Then I swapped out the now messy version of his signature for a cleaner version and stuck it at the top of the ol’ blog:


Thanks Bryan for the doodle and thanks for what you do! To everybody else, please consider supporting Bryan and any independent artist at whatever level you can.