Adam Croom

[row] [column width=”12″] [timeline] [event_group_title icon=”graduation-cap” text=”EDUCATION”] [event date=”2015″ title=”M.A., Learning Technologies” sub_title=”Pepperdine University”]I earned my Masters at Pepperdine University in Learning Technologies. My research focused around personal cyberinfrastructure and Connected Learning. My Thesis: A Networked Approach to Online Learning in a Public Relations Design Course.[/event] [event date=”2009″ title=”B.A., Journalism” sub_title=”University of Oklahoma”]My original love was (and still is) media. I earned an emphasis in Advertising and spent three and a half years of my undergraduate career working in production at the school newspaper. I miss the black ink on my fingers.[/event] [event_group_title icon=”bookmark-empty” text=”WORK HISTORY”] [event current=”current” date=”June 2013 – Current” title=”Director of Digital Learning, Center for Teaching Excellence” sub_title=”University of Oklahoma”]I get the opportunity of leading a group of wicked smart and talented folks known as the Digital Learning team.[/event] [event current=”current” date=”August 2013 – Current” title=”Adjunct Instructor” sub_title=”University of Oklahoma”]My favorite hours of the week are spent in the class. I teach design related courses in the Strategic Communications department. Course Site.[/event] [event date=”February 2011 – June 2013″ title=”Marketing and PR Coordinator, Economic Development” sub_title=”University of Oklahoma”]I spent a couple years at OU telling stories about technology transfer and the budding OU Research Campus.[/event] [event_group_title icon=”comment” text=”PRESENTATIONS”] [event date=”Sep. 2016″ title=”Openness without Penalty. The cornerstone of the creative student/classroom/university” sub_title=”Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT”]Croom, A. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Aug. 2016″ title=”Indie EdTech and the Digital Humanities” sub_title=”Digital Humanities Day, University of Oklahoma, Norman. OK”]Croom, A. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Apr. 2016″ title=”Audiovisual OER in a Text World: The Exhaust of Innovation” sub_title=”OLC Innovate, New Orleans, LA”]Croom, A., Moe, R. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Apr. 2016″ title=”Fork U! A Github-Approach to Learning and Collaboration” sub_title=”OLC Innovate, New Orleans, LA”]Croom, A., Stewart, J. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Nov. 2015″ title=”Who Am Me? Digital Identity and Domains” sub_title=”LINK Research Lab, University of Texas Arlington”]Croom, A. VideoSlides.[/event] [event date=”Oct. 2015″ title=”Anatomy of an Independent Movement (Or, Aspirations of an Indie EdTech)” sub_title=”Digital Learning Research Network (dLRN) 2015″]Croom, A., Groom, J. Slides.[/event] [event date=”June 2015″ title=”Domains of Their Own: Piloting Personal Cyber-Infrastructure Projects at Four Disparate Campuses
” sub_title=”DML 2015: Equity by Design”]Gershovich, M., Croom, A., Hoffman, J., Owens, T. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Apr. 2015″ title=”For All a Domain: Lessons From Personal Cyberinfrastructure Pilots” sub_title=”8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium 2015″]Croom, A., Mattia, C. VideoSlides.[/event] [event date=”Mar. 2015″ title=”Digital Assets and Learner-Centered Curriculum” sub_title=”Price College of Business Technology Teach-In”]Croom, A.  Slides.[/event] [event date=”Feb. 2015″ title=”Adventures in Personal Cyberinfrastructure: Lessons Learned from Piloting a Domain of One’s Own at Four Campuses” sub_title=”EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting 2015″]Croom, A., Groom, J., Hoffman, J., Morgan, D., Gershovich, M. Slides.[/event] [event date=”Oct. 2014″ title=”Getting Graphic: Incorporating Graphic Novels Into an Open, Online Course Powered by WordPress” sub_title=”Online Learning Consortium Annual Meeting 2014″]Short, J. and Croom, A. Slides.[/event] [/timeline]

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