Out of Context Drafts

I’ve noticed that I’ve become more inclined to just simply not finish blog posts and leave them setting in draft purgatory too often. I can’t say exactly why this is the case. Occasionally I forget to finish a post or perhaps, after writing it, I decide that the blog may not be the right medium for the post. Other times, just writing the post has given me enough relief to move on from whatever was in my head. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided it would be fun to pull a full out of context sentences from blog posts I never published, post them here, and then erase the drafts. So, below I present to you one curated quote from a draft. Each quote is from a different draft dating back to 2014.

I’ve often say that one of the hardest parts about teaching is you often don’t get to see the fruits of your labor. Students graduate and disappear and it’s hard to gauge how much of impact you made on someone.

I can tell in his voice that he’s deeply hurt. And now that communication has been cut off within his family, he has few people with which he can grieve. And here I am trying to self medicate with a burrito before I head back to a manufactured habitat.

Member number 154,773. In June 2018, Instagram hit one billion users. This means I was part of the first .015% to sign up.

How companies advertise for these jobs is often very different. They are often listed on a need-to-have basis and will often want you start as quickly as possible because they needed help last month but just now got the position posted. In this instance, be prepared to, at any point, apply and accept such a position. If you go this route though, you’ll want to make sure you communicate your current academic obligations and work on a schedule that allows you to meet their need without impeding your academic goals as these are more likely to take place during the academic year.

I’ve had many online blogs and websites over the years spanning various services and topics. Prior to this space, I blogged on LiveJournal, Blogger, Xanga, and WordPress.com. I’d even count Myspace’s Notes section as a former blogging space. At one point in time, I was even a featured blogger on Oklahoma’s largest newspaper’s online site, Newsok.com, though I can’t remember now what the space was even called.

Shortly before becoming a father, I decided it was time to cleanup my sprawling online presence. I backed up all posts that were currently still public on all of the above listed services and deactivated all of the accounts. I believe this to be some form of digital nesting if such a thing exists.

I’m going to stop letting the world rob me of my joy. Personally and professionally, I have a lot to be really pleased with

So I assumed the role of impressionable mentee (not super hard for me to get in that head space) and had several conversations (below) which I think turned out for the most part really well.

Below I’ve also compiled some of my biggest takeaways from the conversations.

This semester, along with PR Publications, I’m teaching a course called Advertising Copy and Layout. This is a first in many respects: 1.) this is the first time I’m teaching this course 2.) this is the first time this course has been taught online and 3.) this is the first time I have the opportunity to teach a course I actually took as an undergraduate, which might be my favorite first. I never take it lightly that I’m teaching my own educational lineage. And I feel this is a rare diamond of an opportunity; playing both roles. I imagine you see this much more in sports than you do in academics–the apprentice to expert model. And, as someone who tries to insert a digestible amount of coachy-ness into the classroom, I’m relishing at this opportunity.

On one end we have streaming services doing exclusive releases (exclusive is good for one person, the service. It can be argued it’s good for artist but I don’t know if that will play out to be true beyond the .01% that is Kanye/Beyonce) and on the other end we’ve seen a rise in vinyl records, in small batch presses. For instance, I just pre-order a specific variant of Anthony Green’s new record, Pixie Queen, which is going to limited to a run of 500 pressings. 500! I mean think about it. Let’s imagine a record from the 80s goes platinum for whatever reason. And imagine the leftover stock. That’s a lot of plastic out there in the world. This is .0005% of that stock. It’s just fascinating to me.

Man oh man! Students got me all feeling the feels!

I believe Indie gives a moniker to work folks have been doing for quite some time. Centering edtech around technology that is owned by the user puts at the forefront the point that learning is highly personal and that centers around this notion of identity.

So what are guitar pedals? Guitar pedals are circuitries held inside a “stompbox” that take the electronic signal from the guitar and alter the source. I say guitar pedals because that’s why I primarily use but these can also be built into amplifiers or be a rackmount unit as well.

Distortion, for instance, is a very common use of a guitar pedal in rock ‘n roll. You don’t need a distortion pedal to create distortion. You just need to turn your amp up (to 11!). Moms across the world don’t like that idea so mankind has invented distortion to keep the peace. All distortion is a modification of a sound wave where you increase the gain of the amplified sound so much it clips and distorts, much like the speakers in your car do if you turn it up too loud.

You can do all sorts of trippy things to sound waves to make different sounds like mimick the sound of the reverbation you would get playing in a big room or concert hall (that’s reverb) or delay the signal (delay) or to recreate warbly rippling effects that mimick the look of a barber pole (phaser).

And the various mixtures of all these potential sound elements is what has created the unique sounds of virtually every rock band in history. Black Sabbath invented heavy metal by using modifying a treble-boosting pedal (not to mention tuning the guitar down significantly after a factory incident wher Toni Iommi sheared off the top of his finger to give him more slack). Jimi Hendrix had the wah pedal. Keith Richards’ use of the fuzz pedal on the intro to Can’t Get No Satisfaction is crucial. The Edge is delay (delay is The Edge).

In some ways, I see instructors incorrectly equate building an online course to a writing a book. The assumption is that at some point you submit a final draft which goes to the press to be bound up as one final, complete product. I’m not sure this is a problem that is isolated by online, but merely magnified.

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