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A Page For Courses

For awhile now, I’ve had a link on my site menu titled “Course Site” which links to, but I didn’t feel that accurately played the evolution that has been Pubs. I’ve recently come to realize that I’m a bit of a gluten for punishment as I’ve had four separate public versions of the course. […]

My Essential iPhone Apps

Last week, it finally happened–I broke my phone screen. I’ve had an iPhone for 8 years and have failed to do this before, but that streak has unfortunately ended. Another thing I’ve failed to do in eightyears is delete much of anything at all. The pack rat that I am has text messages dating back to […]

Integrated Customer Support and Slack

I think it would be an understatement to say that the folks of the OU Center for Teaching Excellence are fans of Slack. We started using it in August 2014 (six months after its public launch) as we were in desperate need of a solution for quick conversations. Our old office was on two different floors. […]


It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it. — Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Recently, I stumbled across Kris Shaffer’s project, Open Music Theory, which is a textbook hosted entirely on Github utilizing Jekyll, a “blog-aware, static site generator.”” This means if someone else who teaches music theory wants in […]

Zeroing in on Email

So I’ve been working within a new email system for almost a week and have hit the coveted #InboxZero at least once a day which is awesome. I’m sure someone will read this and say, “The real problem is you’re using email.” And that’s definitely true to a degree. Email is definitely not my preferred […]