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DiscPress – A Vinyl WordPress Plugin

In March, I had mentioned wanting to sync my Discogs record collection with my domain. Then Tom Woodward built a WordPress plugin that essentially did that. Because he is Tom Woodward. The plugin Tom built pulled the metadata of each record into the record collection into a Google Spreadsheet and then the plugin pulled the […]

OU Create WordPress Installs Now Shipping with

Jeremy Dean and I have chatted a couple times now about the product he’s been involved with for some time called Several of us within CTE (Mark, John, Keegan) have been playing around the tool and are quite impressed with it’s ability to bring discussion to virtually any piece of text via annotation and […]

Three Flavors of Networked Blogging with WordPress

I’ve been helping with the launch of MiddCreate, a domains project at Middlebury, led by Amy Collier. One of their faculty members was interested in a multisite setup for her class, and while that’s a great approach, I wanted to offer the Middlebury folks a broader look at options for networked blogging with a particular […]

Calypso, Sandstorm, and Cyberinfrastructure

This week, WordPress announced a new and desktop-based version of WordPress, codenamed Calypso, which allows you to locally manage multiple self-hosted and hosted websites. Essentially, it brings the streamlined interface to all. In fact, this is my first post written entirely on Calypso. Mike Caulfield wrote an excellent post yesterday titled Calypso is the Future […]

OU Create: The (My)SQL

A couple months ago, my good friend Chris Kobza and I grabbed coffee. He is the manager of the Learning Spaces team in OU IT and can do all the stuff I wish I can. He works on his truck, fishes, and  oversees the outfitting all the classroom technology. I say this because he’s a total […]

Digital Learning Team Drops a WordPress Plugin

Last Friday, John Stewart, one of my team members on the CTE Digital Learning team, wrote a post which chronicled the “release” of his first WordPress plugin. The plugin ties together an instance of WordPress BadgeOS and Slack, a tool that we use frequently for internal communication. I’ve written a little bit previously about digital badges in higher […]