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On Liaisons

This post follows both a thread of blog posts from Amy Collier, Kate Bowles, and Maha Bali and (I think at least) contributes to a larger week-long conversation taking place in #digciz, which I’ve yet to quite figure out but describes itself as a conversation. I like that. There are a couple different pieces here. […]

DiscPress – A Vinyl WordPress Plugin

In March, I had mentioned wanting to sync my Discogs record collection with my domain. Then Tom Woodward built a WordPress plugin that essentially did that. Because he is Tom Woodward. The plugin Tom built pulled the metadata of each record into the record collection into a Google Spreadsheet and then the plugin pulled the […]

Finding Center: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned from the Left and the Right

I’m coming off a whirlwind of a semester starting and that means I now have some extra time for blogging. This one is a quick summary of a talk I gave to an Art and Entrepreneurship class which is cross-listed between Art Theory & Criticism and Entrepreneurship and taught by Jonathan Hils, a sculpture by trade, […]

A Vinyl API of One’s Own

I’ve been on a vinyl kick as of late. It happens that a lot of the records I listened to when I was most emotionally vulnerable to trite love songs are hitting their ten or fifteen year anniversary and being released/re-released on vinyl. For instance, I recently grabbed a copy of the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack Guestroom Records, […]

Indie Music and EdTech (or Indie EdTech)

Below is a full transcript of my talk with Jim Groom at the dLRN 2015 Conference with slides inserted: So Jim and I are going to do a joint talk that gives an examination of cultures through the lens of music. Particularly how these stories get weaved into the creation of a historical narrative. The narrative that I’m looking […]

Deep Within the Spotify Stream

I was up late at my office last night, as I have been every night this week, working on a research project for grad school. You want to know when I feel most like a grad school student? When I open up Spotify and try to pick the perfect playlist to write too. Most times, […]