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Some Visual Thinkery

I’ve followed Bryan Mathers and his Visual Thinkery work from afar for a little bit. I honestly don’t know the first time that I ran across Bryan’s work but I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic and focus on open. In fact, I currently have two stickers on my laptop that he designed including one from Audrey Watters and […]

Searching for Student Voices at #OpenEd16

I’m currently on a plane headed back to Oklahoma from OpenEd16. OpenEd brought the end of my pause from social media and a rejuvenation thanks to fellow attendees. Over the two OpenEd’s I’ve attended, Vancouver and now Richmond, the community has brought out the best of me and I deeply appreciate that. The last activity that I […]

DiscPress – A Vinyl WordPress Plugin

In March, I had mentioned wanting to sync my Discogs record collection with my domain. Then Tom Woodward built a WordPress plugin that essentially did that. Because he is Tom Woodward. The plugin Tom built pulled the metadata of each record into the record collection into a Google Spreadsheet and then the plugin pulled the […]


In March, I had the opportunity to host the IndieEdTech gathering with Eddie Maloney of Georgetown and Kristen Eschelman at her place at Davidson College. As I wrote then, the gathering was focused on a design sprint in small teams around personal APIs. Led by the nudging of Audrey Watters, my team’s idea focused around […]

The Vinyl Subdomain

Let me just start by saying we live in a really cool time in history. I published a blog post on Saturday evening about how I noticed that had an API and how COOL it would be to have a site that pulled in all the data. I keep an online record of my […]

A Vinyl API of One’s Own

I’ve been on a vinyl kick as of late. It happens that a lot of the records I listened to when I was most emotionally vulnerable to trite love songs are hitting their ten or fifteen year anniversary and being released/re-released on vinyl. For instance, I recently grabbed a copy of the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack Guestroom Records, […]

Indie EdTech: Future and Funding

Note: This post is 3 of 3 in a recap of the Indie EdTech Data Summit: The Personal API held at Davidson College. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. This part of the series is probably most fluid and evolving part of my thoughts on Indie. Ben Werdmüller of Known was kind enough to give everyone […]

Indie EdTech Design Sprint

Note: This post is 2 of 3 in a recap of the Indie EdTech Data Summit: The Personal API held at Davidson College. Here is Part 1 and Part 3. Audrey and Kin’s framework led nicely into design sprint, facilitated by Erin Richey and Ben Werdmüller of Known, who utilized the design thinking methodology to accelerate a deep brainstorming […]

Framing Indie EdTech

Note: This post is 1 of 3 in a recap of the Indie EdTech Data Summit: The Personal API held at Davidson College. Here is Part 2 and Part 3. I’m back in Oklahoma after a jam packed weekend at Davidson College for the Indie EdTech Data Summit. The event came together after a joint presentation that Jim […]

The web isn’t (just) a garden.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ephemeralness of the web and, more particularly, data in general. Just today, I got the same rather inconvenient message that I tend to get every few months: startup disk full. Hi, my name is Adam Croom, and I’m a bit of data pack rat. I don’t delete emails. I also […]