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In March, I had the opportunity to host the IndieEdTech gathering with Eddie Maloney of Georgetown and Kristen Eschelman at her place at Davidson College. As I wrote then, the gathering was focused on a design sprint in small teams around personal APIs. Led by the nudging of Audrey Watters, my team’s idea focused around […]

Recapping the OU Creaties

Yesterday afternoon we held the first OU Creaties award luncheon, which was a ton of fun. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, it’s great to get to celebrate the work of your community. We wanted to simply have a way to acknowledge and showcase the work that has taken place at the OU since […]

Welcome to the Creaties!

Sometime last semester, I was trying to think of different ways to promote work that was taking place on OU Create, our domains project, as well as simply say thank you to folks that have committed time and energy to our first full “non-pilot” year of domains at OU. At some point, I ran across […]

Creating the GOBLIN

In the Center for Teaching Excellence, we’ve been using OU Create pretty heavily as a distribution method for Faculty Learning Community curriculum. We’ve used it for FLCs about OU Create, about video production, wikis, mobile blogging, etc. You know, it’s interesting… Because what we offer isn’t a formal course, we’re never issued an instance on […]

Exploring My Own History via a Class Omeka Project

Monday was the second day held at the University of Oklahoma known as Digital Humanities Day. Both of these experiences have been rich not only getting to meet new faculty who are doing interesting projects but see the tightening of a great community here at OU. One of the projects mentioned was also one the most […]

A Create Promise

Below is the transcript of an email that I sent my team last night. I’m usually not one to publish private conversation, but this came together as much like a blog post as it did an email (and only includes what I have written). The only changes are some typos as well as several more links […]

Rolling out a new front page for 2016

Well, we are bit behind on the scheduled launch (I was hoping we would have it ready the first week of class) but we’ve gone ahead and flipped the switch on a new OU Create homepage, the main entrance to the OU domains project. This is version 3.0 for OU Create. 1.0 was created simply as […]

Three Flavors of Networked Blogging with WordPress

I’ve been helping with the launch of MiddCreate, a domains project at Middlebury, led by Amy Collier. One of their faculty members was interested in a multisite setup for her class, and while that’s a great approach, I wanted to offer the Middlebury folks a broader look at options for networked blogging with a particular […]

The New (and Improved!) OU Create

For the past year and a half, we’ve been running OU Create on one server that is shared amongst all users. As usage as increased, particularly with OU Create being open to anyone at OU-Norman, it was inevitable that this one server was not going to be sufficient for too long. While downtime was never […]

Who Am Me?

On Monday, I got the opportunity to speak at the LINK Research Lab at the University of Texas-Arlington. A huge thanks to the LINK Lab folks (Matt Crosslin, Justin Dellinger, Holly Zander, and Throy Campbell) who I was lucky enough to hang out with for the day. I made a joke that it was my first time […]