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Indie EdTech Design Sprint

Note: This post is 2 of 3 in a recap of the Indie EdTech Data Summit: The Personal API held at Davidson College. Here is Part 1 and Part 3. Audrey and Kin’s framework led nicely into design sprint, facilitated by Erin Richey and Ben Werdmüller of Known, who utilized the design thinking methodology to accelerate a deep brainstorming… Continue reading

Framing Indie EdTech

Note: This post is 1 of 3 in a recap of the Indie EdTech Data Summit: The Personal API held at Davidson College. Here is Part 2 and Part 3. I’m back in Oklahoma after a jam packed weekend at Davidson College for the Indie EdTech Data Summit. The event came together after a joint presentation that Jim… Continue reading

The web isn’t (just) a garden.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ephemeralness of the web and, more particularly, data in general. Just today, I got the same rather inconvenient message that I tend to get every few months: startup disk full. Hi, my name is Adam Croom, and I’m a bit of data pack rat. I don’t delete emails. I also… Continue reading


I try my best to keep up with a handful of blogs and one of them is Dave Winer‘s blog, who was both and early blogger and early advocate for syndication. John Markoff, who happens to also be one of my favorite technology journalists/storytellers, described him in 2001 like this: David Winer is a software designer… Continue reading

Creating the GOBLIN

In the Center for Teaching Excellence, we’ve been using OU Create pretty heavily as a distribution method for Faculty Learning Community curriculum. We’ve used it for FLCs about OU Create, about video production, wikis, mobile blogging, etc. You know, it’s interesting… Because what we offer isn’t a formal course, we’re never issued an instance on… Continue reading

A Create Promise

Below is the transcript of an email that I sent my team last night. I’m usually not one to publish private conversation, but this came together as much like a blog post as it did an email (and only includes what I have written). The only changes are some typos as well as several more links… Continue reading